Fresh Coast Ventures is a Milwaukee-based business development company dedicated to growing community-minded, people-driven businesses in the Midwest.


Fresh Coast Ventures, LLC seeks to develop web-focused companies that are community-minded, people-driven, and Fresh Coast-based with the goal of creating social and economic change in the region.


Fresh Coast Ventures was founded in December of 2006 by Jeramey Jannene and Sam Nobiensky.  At the time they were sophomores at the Milwaukee School of Engineering majoring in Management Information Systems.

Behind the Name

The United States has traditionally been a two coast society. The east coast and the west coast, with some intermingling of the gulf coast when the media feels inclined. This clearly disenfranchises a region of the country known for producing down to earth, hard-working citizens. The backbone of the United States, today referred to as the Rust Belt, is subject to the public perception of crumbling cities and declining wealth. The Sun Belt on the other hand is subject to the common perceptions of population growth and clean cities. The idea of the “Fresh Coast” is that the western Rust Belt including the cities of Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee need not be subject to living the name of their past economic activities, but need to embrace their largest natural asset, the fresh water of the Great Lakes. Initially championed by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the idea of the “fresh coast” is coming to define the region in new light.